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Transgenesis . A Lexicon of Species Manipulation (preview)

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Transgenesis is a panorama of the current terminology used to describe the practice of species manipulation.

Trans ▪ genesis is loosely defined as the altering, metamorphosing, reconstructing or revolutionizing of the genetic code within one or more species. Today we collectively call this genetic modification. Enclosed in the concept are a myriad of programs ranging from computer and biological mental thought processes to nanotechnologies to political or philosophical constructs. A number of these programs are not only being constantly manually implemented, but many are running on automatic. Today we have the continuous substitution of what was once called natural with what is now artificial.

The video revolves around the theme of Simulated Nature contrasted to Nature as the original source of life. This is a concept I have touched on before in San Francisco : The unearthly beauty of simulated nature in contemporary architecture, Simulated Nature and the Trilogy of Noise, Fish Red and Fish Pool. These works are glances at the idea Nature has been supplanted by notions of manufactured reality which lack primordial essence.


Creation of project finished in December 2014.

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