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I Don't Need Their Voices . Memories of a Recent Future


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There is not a generation alive that has lived in an era of global peace. During the last 100 years, humanity’s more recent generations have only seen death and destruction as the guiding rule for life – World Wars I & II, the genocide committed by the regimes of Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung, the mass murder of Armenians in Turkey, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam massacres, the mass genocide by Pol Pot’s regime in Cambodia, the Indonesian genocide of East Timor, the conflicts in Africa (i.e., Algeria, Burundi, Congo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea and Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, just to mention a few), the death squads of Latin America, the genocide committed in Bosnia and Kosovo, the sixty-year genocide of Palestinians and more recently the military invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the state-mafia-terrorist-revolution-invasions of Egypt, Libia, Tunisia and Syria, and the mass murder of these people. And don’t forget the ever present mass genocide of billions of human beings by starvation and the spread of man-made bio diseases throughout the world.

A question we could easily ask ourselves is, because of our continuing human tragedy, have we become numb to humanity? Today as humans beings, do many of us only see life in its relationship to ourselves, but not to humanity as a whole? I would suggest that as human beings we no longer want to know or be held responsible for what our ignorance and indifference is doing to our fellow human beings. The refusal of millions of beings to objectively look at the preposterous claims by governments that 9 11 was carried out by Florida flight school students who had learned how to fly Pipers and Cessnas during the Summer before hijacking a Boeing 767 (a plane which seats 290 people compared to a Piper or Cessna which seats four) lead to the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria - and is now slowly but surely destroying Western civilization. Our neglect to control the sinister side of our human behavior has wreaked havoc on our planet.



Creation of project finished in January 2014.

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