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Fish Pool (preview)

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Humanity, through its technologies, has not only succeeded in enveloping the terra ferma of the Earth in its web, but has also blanketed the ocean's surfaces and depths with plastic, toxic waste and electromagnetic explosions along the abyss of its canyons. Contemporary society has overlaid its industrial complexities of the artificial across the vastness of the World's waters obscuring the subtitles of the ocean's life forms. Today, the most commonly known water life to exist in our post-Nature age is the Gold Fish.

The video revolves around the theme of the artificial in Simulated Nature contrasted to Nature as the original source of life. This is a concept I have touched on before in San Francisco : The unearthly beauty of simulated nature in contemporary architecture, Simulated Nature and the Trilogy of Noise, Fish Red and Transgenesis. These works are glances at the idea Nature has been supplanted by notions of manufactured reality which lack primordial essence.


Creation of project finished in June 2015

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