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La Promenade des Anglais . Nice

Karl F. Stewart


With its blue sea, white gazebos and red pavement, Nice faces the Mediterranean. Parallel to a pebbly beach, the Promenade is the tapis roulant of the Niçoise coastline. Walking bicycling rollerblading standing jogging sitting, the Promenade is a constant ebbing and flowing of nations and tongues that stretches five kilometres from Port Abri de Carras to Jardin Albert Premier (though many consider the Promenade to include Quai des Etats-Unis and Quai Rauba Capeu). On the Promenade you breathe, and therefore you move. The project of photographing the Promenade involved stopping and taking a photograph every five meters. Therefore, the larger panels on-lines show the sequence as I moved from one end of the Promenade to the other. The single images are details from the sequence. The photographs were taken during the months of May and June 2009.

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