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While at University one of my philosophy professors wrote a book entitled God or Ichabod. What he wrote about nihilism particularly impressed me for the rest of my life.

He divided nihilists into two groups – poetic and destructive. The example he used to distinguish the two was as follows … Two men are in the middle of the ocean in a small row boat. Land is nowhere to be seen. Unexpectedly, in various parts of the boat leaks begin to appear. Their fate is inevitable. The poetic nihilist uses what time is left to him to reflect on the beauty of the vastness of the ocean and the blue of the sky. Faced with his tragedy he searches for a sense of personal peace. The destructive nihilist in the meantime has found a hammer and has now started punching vast holes in the bottom of the boat.

May my images reflect the poetic awe of our existence, not out of my naïveté of our Human condition, but with an awareness we are essentially poetic creatures with destructive habits.

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Death Valley