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Two thoughts related to my work

¤ In the Bhagavad Gita it is written: Only God sees in highest heaven. He only knows from where comes this universe, and whether it was made or uncreated. Only he knows, or perhaps he knows not. The concept expresses very poetically the awe of contemplating the complexity of the origins of all there ever was, ever is or will ever be. That awe is not only the mystery, but it is the aesthetic by which we acknowledge beauty in life. That awe is the beauty I would like to convey in my work.

¤ Images and words are the threads weaving the tapestry of our experiences as we journey through life. We can either choose our images and words, or they will be chosen for us.



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Impressions of Movement

The photographs inthis series represent multiple physical actions happening through time as a simultaneous experience. What this means is that I take multiple photographs which have occurred through time and recreate those diverse actions and time differences into one image representing the synchronous relationship of time and physicality. The concept touches upon the perception that reality is an illusion which happens physically as a non-local experience in a dimension of undifferentiated time. The photographs play with what we perceive as the space between the time actions occur and the space separating the physical form of actions. I recombine the spaces between time and matter in order to recreate new illusions for us to contemplate. The images are an attempt to breakdown our three-dimensional view of reality.


San Francisco . Impressions

One of the notions which came to mind while developing this series was that of the solitude or isolation and individual can feel even though he or she lives in a major metroplitan area.

The 19 images exhibited in this series are photographic composites created in 2011.

San Francisco . Top to Bottom

The effects of lighting are truly unearthly in contemporary architecture. These otherworldly interplays of direct and reflected light on structures and plant forms create momentary and veritable paintings in chance places as the Sun passes from season to season. San Francisco, known as the Golden City on the Bay, reflects .

Some of the 48 photographs presented here, created in 2012, were used to develop a video entitled, San Francisco . The Unearthly Beauty of Simulated Nature in Contemporary Architecture. The video and a detailed description of the concept can be seen and read HERE .

San Francisco . Street Portraits

The people I photographed and are pictured represent what I would call the middle class. Their values are middle class. Their beliefs are middle class. And the reason for this is that most of them at one point in their lives were actively participating in the Middle Class American Dream. However today, the majority, but not all, of those I photographed were what society calls the homeless. A handful, instead, had a room or small apartment but not much money for day-to-day expenses.

There's a tendency in photography to show the desperation and darker side of the homeless.  For many a photograph is more emotionally powerful if it portrays suffering. I on the other hand was resolved to challenge the clichés of the homeless as being drunk, drugged, uninspired, vacuous and less than human. I desired to allow the humanness of these persons I met in San Francisco's financial district be mirrored onto the photograph. From my point of view, the photographs are not of them, but of us. I mirrored back onto the camera who we are as a civilization.

The 61 photographs exhibited in this series were created in 2012.

These images were used to develop a video entitled by the same name, San Francisco . Street Portraits. The video and a detailed description of the concept can be seen and read HERE .

Death Valley

Presented in this series are 15 photographs of Death Vally, California and were created in 2011.

Alice in Düsseldorf

Reflections on Water . Down the rabbit hole and into the illusions of another world. Surprisingly, the entrance to the rabbit hole in this series of photographs is represented by the reflections of everyday scenes found on the surface of bodies of water located in Düsseldorf. Some would say water is a reflection of us. And though we walk by sources of water almost everyday, we frequently never notice what we are reflecting back onto its surface. There are 27 photographs in the series which was created in 2013.

Berlin . Up Down Nowhere

The 36 images presented, created in 2014, are taken from the video in the series Berlin Conversations. The major part of the images images are based around the theme of escaltors and platforms found in the metro and S-bahn in Berlin. The title of the series, Up Down Nowhere, derives from the video of the same name which can be seen and is described HERE .

La Promenade des Anglais

With its blue sea, white gazebos and red pavement, Nice faces the Mediterranean. Parallel to a pebbly beach, the Promenade is the tapis roulant of the Niçoise coastline. Walking bicycling rollerblading standing jogging sitting, the Promenade is a constant ebbing and flowing of nations and tongues that stretches five kilometres from Port Abri de Carras to Jardin Albert Premier (though many consider the Promenade to include Quai des Etats-Unis and Quai Rauba Capeu). On the Promenade you breathe, and therefore you move. The project of photographing the Promenade involved stopping and taking a photograph every five meters. Therefore, the larger panels on-lines show the sequence as I moved from one end of the Promenade to the other. The single images are details from the sequence. The photographs were taken during the months of May and June 2009.

Tramolé On Lines

The 18 photographic compositions in the On Lines series take the moments of an unfolding action and strings them together into a short story. It could be called a contemporary form of Eadweard Muybridge’s work, insofar as it views a subject from different perspectives as the subject moves through a continuous action. The compositions were created in 2009.

Impressions of Movement Details

A collection of images which helped to create the Impressions of Movement Series.

Studies in Abstraction


Photograph Archive . 1974 to 1980



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